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Friday, September 6, 2013



I never realized how many of you think you HAIR won't grow
It'll grow... Doesn't matter if its processed or Natural
IT WILL GROW!! You can do it! Lets talk about hair care secrets
and the do's and don't s of hair care care:
for starters...
STOP conjuring up these crazy home made products just buy the shit!
DON'T over shampoo, condition or Deep Condition your hair
DO Moisturize it
DON'T go natural if you don't understand the process and more importantly WHY you're going natural
when in Doubt.... SLICK AND GIT leave it alone!
DO get regular trims
DO consult a hairdresser
DON'T use too many alcohol based products in your hair
DO NOT rip at it in your untangling process
DO drink a lot of water
DON'T believe the myth of adding water to make it grow its not a plant!
What you do to make it grow you'll have to remember that's what it'll take to keep the length as well
DO allow it to air dry when possible
DO try a product for 3 months at a time before you decide if its working
DO have realistic goals for your growth process
DO understand the difference between hair shedding and hair breakage!
DON'T tell me it won't grow!!
#thatISall ~~ Jamie Bond 

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